Ben Harris & Judith Foo: Open Windows

June 7th, 2015


First-year ETAs and creative writing aficionados Ben Harris and Judith Foo are coming together to start a new initiative aimed at showcasing the creativity of Korean students.

The project will take the form of a satellite student literary magazine in partnership with Fulbright Infusion, the long-standing literary magazine that highlights creative works from Fulbright grantees. The name of the magazine is Open Windows, intended to represent the freedom of creativity and opportunity, and it is currently accepting rolling submissions (through current ETA nominations) for its first online publications.

Ben and Judith say that they came up with the idea through a shared desire to see their students have more motivation and encouragement to write.

[This initiative] is important because our students are often told that their success is measured by their test scores. They don’t have many chances to write analytic or expository essays for classes, much less creative work. But so many of our students are extremely talented and deserve not only to have their work published, but to feel that their talent in this regard is attention-worthy, commendable.

The ETAs say that the magazine as an online publication is only the beginning. “One day, we’d love to see it become a print magazine. […] For right now we’re excited about what’s in the works, and we can’t wait to go live and start seeing what these students can do.”

Keep an eye out for the first issue of Open Windows Magazine, coming your way soon!

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