Spring 2016 Newsletter

April 17th, 2016

Fulbright Korea Alumni Relations Newsletter, Volume 2 Issue 3

Spring 2016

In This Issue

Upcoming Events

  • Running 4 Resettlement: R4R is a fundraising initiative started 2 years ago by former ETA Eric Horvath. By pledging to run in the Kim Dae-Jung Peace Marathon while raising money for NKHR’s Rescue Fund, runners help ensure that refugees can safely leave China without either being sold into human trafficking or expatriated back to the DPRK. The journey is long and can’t be done without your help. Commit to fundraising by filling out this form by April 30th. Then register to run here. Instructions to set up an individual fundraising page can be found here.
    **While not officially affiliated with Fulbright Korea, R4R was inspired due to personal experiences facilitated by the NKD program**
  • 3rd Annual Black History Month Festival: Due to recent setbacks, this year’s Black History Month Festival will be held in Seoul on June 4th, 2016. Diving into the theme “I am more than my skin,” the festival will explore music, talent, and practices rooted in Black culture through various workshops and performances.

Spring 2016 Stateside Gatherings

Fulbright Korea alumni across the country are getting together this spring to catch up with old friends, make new connections, and find out what’s new with the program. Meet-ups have already happened in San Diego, Denver, and Boston, with more in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Seattle to come! If you live in the area or are passing through, please join your fellow alumni for a fun night of Fulbright Korea memories. For more information, contact us.

Forum Schedule

  • Lost Baggage II: A Documentary, Changhee Chun
  • How Civic Education Impacts Adjustments of North Korean Youth Defectors, Joyce Kim
    May 13th, 2016
  • On-line Multilingualism and the Korean Language, Ana Smith
    June 3rd, 2016
  • The Impacts of Westernization on South Korean Elderly Suicides and Aging, Nhu Ngoc Pham
    July 1st, 2016

**Note that dates and presentations are subject to change.
All Junior Researcher forums are held on the 6th floor of the Fulbright Building in Seoul.
For a full list of the Fulbright Forum Series, click here.

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