Celebrity Sightings

January 21st, 2017

Big Bang, a famous Korean boy group

FKAR polled current ETA grantees asking them, “What Korean celebrity would you most like to meet?’ The final results of our survey are as followed: Majority of the responders at 72% were clamoring at a chance to meet mega idol group Big Bang, with heartthrob Song Joong Ki at 14% coming in second.

The rest of the responses were made up of a wide ranging list of Korean celebrities:

Actors: Jo In Sung, Park Bo Gum
Film Director: Park Chan Wook
Poet: Ko Un
K-Pop Stars: BTS, EXO, Twice, 2NE1, SHINee, IU, Dean, Jay Park, Zico, Eric Nam, Roy Kim
Other: Choi Soon Sil– confidant of impeached President Park Geun Hye

Here are what current grantees had to say about their chance encounters:

“I remember once I was in Sinchon and Suzy was there shooting a Sprite commercial. There were crowds flocked around to see her and everyone was freaking the freak out, including my friends. This was back when she was in MissA, and there were people nearly crying just to catch a glimpse of her. I remember thinking it was the weirdest and funniest thing to see.” –Maddie Hawk, ETA 2016-17

“I went to the final Jeju United FC game at the World Cup stadium in Seogwipo this year. Not only were tickets free, but they promised a live performance by Ailee. After the game, people rushed out of the stadium, and I was confused because I was awaiting Ailee’s performance. Turns out she was outside by a park instead! I had to push my way through a sea of fanboys to see her. When I finally did, she waved at me! I fangirled so hard the rest of the day.” – Anonymous

Song Joong Ki, a famous Korean actor

“I have never met a Korean celebrity, but my host brother met Mina from Girls Day at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. They kissed. Just kidding about the kiss- but talk about romantic, am I right?” –Cam Rylander, ETA 2016-17

“I was walking around Hongdae one afternoon when suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of a huge crowd and my friend and I were only a few feet from a variety TV show filming! There were two celebrities walking down a street of Hongdae talking while some cameras followed them. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out who the two guys were, and the people around us also didn’t know (but we’re all taking pictures of them anyway)..” –Lisa Chang, ETA 2016-17

“I saw 2ne1 super up close at an Ikigayo rehearsal and got so excited I hit my friend in the head…” –Zack Horne, ETA 2016-17

I unexpectedly ran into a Jay Park fan signing so I got to see him but you had to have a ticket to actually get his signature….ㅠ” –Anonymous