Affiliated Grant Initiatives

The Fulbright Korea program offers far more opportunities than teaching and research alone. Every year, dozens of ETAs and Jr. Researchers dedicate their time and effort in community based initiatives to further the mission of cultural immersion and mutual understanding between South Korea and the United States. Below are some of the wonderful organizations and events organized by past and current ETAs and Jr. Researchers alike.


Korean-American Educational Commission

The governments of the United States of America and Republic of Korea provide the Korean-American Educational Commission (KAEC) with an annual budget for its operation of the Fulbright program and other activities set by the KAEC Board. The Fulbright Program is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries, through the cultural and educational exchanges.

The Korean-American Educational Commission in Seoul, also widely known as the Korea Fulbright Commission, is governed by a board of directors consisting of equal numbers of Koreans and Americans representing government, education and the private sector. The KAEC Board of directors makes decisions on overall policies of the Fulbright program in Korea.


The Fulbright Korea Infusion

Infusion is a print and web publication published by Fulbright Korea grantees and alumni. Founded in 2008, Infusion magazine showcases a diverse range of work reflecting the Fulbright Korea experience, including journalism, research, poetry, fiction, and photography.


The Korea Bridge Initiative

The Korea Bridge Initiative (KBI) works to bring free-of-charge English educational opportunities to economically disadvantaged Korean students, and focuses its curriculum on 3 pillars: Global Learning, Creativity, and English Language. KBI currently runs an 8-week program in Gwangju, directed by ETA’s Erin Slocum and Mathew Goldberg in cooperation with the American Corners, and a 10-week high school program in Jeju, directed by ETA’s Korey Morgan and Amanda Tse with the Jeju Provincial Office of Education. KBI is continuously launching new initiatives including a pilot semester of KBI Jr. for middle school students in Jeju, and a KBI Scholarship Fund.



NKD English

North Korean Defectors English Education Program

Launched in 2011, the North Korean Defectors English Education Program allows committed ETAs the opportunity to teach defector students in Hana centers all throughout the country. With the most recent center additions in Jeju and Jeonju, Fulbright Korea is excited to have over fifty ETAs volunteer at eleven different centers.