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Have News to Share?

Do you have anything to share with the FKAR network? In the past, alumni have shared information on job offerings, book publishing, and local gatherings and meetups.

Want to be Featured?

Email us if you or your friend would like to be featured! Provide us with a brief summary of what you or your friend are doing and we will follow up to interview and create the feature.

Facebook Page & Social Media

FKAR is now on Facebook! Join our page to better connect with other alumni and receive the latest news and updates from FKAR and fellow alumni on current events in Korea and more. Also, follow us on Instagram to see how what is going on in South Korea with current Fulbright grantees.

Alumni Database Map

The Alumni Database Map features the contact information of 1550+ of Fulbright Korea alumni organized by location, professional field, undergraduate and graduate institutions, and field of study. If you are not apart of this database and would like to register or you need to update your information, please go here to out our form.

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Donate now to help us support alumni like you! By contributing to Fulbright Korea Alumni Relations you will be furthering our efforts to organize and host events around the world.