Update Your Information

If you have any knowledge of your or another alumni’s information being misrepresented, please contact us with the updated information. Feel free to contribute any feedback or questions regarding the map. Thank you!

The Alumni Database Map displays information for 1550+ Fulbright Korea grantees. Each person has a “pin” on the map where they currently live, which is colored coded according to 20 different industries. Each pin displays a range of information, including, but not limited to, their current job title, educational history, and contact information. In order for you to make the most out of it here are our tips.
 “7 Helpful Keys To Remember”
  1. Pie Charts
    • You will notice that in densely populated areas the map will show color coded, by industry, pie charts. Once you scroll in on the specific region you are interested in, the pie charts will update to reflect your current position.
  2. Pins
    • They are color coded by industry and each include a “First Name” marker. If you click/search for a particular pin of interest it will display a white box (Information Box) detailing all the data we have on that particular grantee.
  3. Category Titles
    • Notice that within the Information Box there are blue “Category Titles” these represent the columns in the excel document which this map is pulling data from. If you search for those exact column terms (i.e. Grant Year, Job Title, State, etc) you will better optimize the search bars functionality.
  4. Grouping
    • Keep an eye out for major cities & capitols that have many grantees living there. When you zoom in close enough to these places (like NY, LA, DC, etc) it will only list 1 pin, but then after you click on that pin you will see in the top right hand corner of the Information Box “1-5 & Next page” tabs to click on. These will allow you to scroll through everyone living in that city.
  5. Drop Downs
    • These will help you focus your search! You should notice the “+” sign in the top left hand corner of the map. There should be 12 drop down options for you to select from. You can select multiple drop down selections if you decide to do so. Also, for categories like Employer, Industry, & Research Topic it is especially interesting to see the options and numbers associated for each particular category.
  6. Search Bar
    • This is best applied when finding quick and more specific things, like First & Last Names, Notes, ETA or Jr. Researcher etc. Really you can search for anything. It is certainly the fastest way and you will be surprised how wide reaching the Fulbright Korea grantees professional and educational experiences are by utilizing the search function. If you cannot find what you are looking for you can always try the drop downs as well. One of the coolest things that the search makes visible is all the NOTES we have collected on the grantees. If you simply type in Notes into the search bar a list of all the notes we have accumulated will appear and you can scroll through that and decide what interests you the most.
  7. Searches Zoom In
    • Your searches will zoom in and show you only the results of that specific search. It will kick everything else out and focus only on your desired results. If you want to undo a search just simply refresh the page or do another search and it will start back at the beginning. If you are using the drop down bar function you will have to deselect your selected items to clear your search.